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Two Ways K-12 Schools Can Help Ensure Food Safety

Posted by Malcolm Cerri on Nov 8, 2018 9:28:10 AM

Two Ways K-12 Schools Can Help Ensure Food Safety

Just like other foodservice operations across northern California and northern Nevada, K-12 school foodservice programs must adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by hazard analysis and critical control points, or HACCP.

These Food and Drug Administration guidelines serve as a management system in which food safety is addressed and controlled, and data monitoring and reporting is a big aspect of compliance.

Essentially, food temperatures and conditions should be monitored from storage through service, and any irregularities need to be recorded by the school nutrition operators. HACCP plans show how food is received, how it's held, prepared, and served, and all the temperatures that correspond with those steps need to be recorded in case inspectors request it. This means equipment that makes it easy to monitor and record data will make it easier on school cafeteria operators.

Combi ovens and blast chillers make HACCP compliance easier for K-12 school nutrition programs.

All schools are required to report HACCP data, and solutions from Alto-Shaam can help make this process easier. Here are two ways to help ensure food safety in schools.

alto-shaam k-12 schoolsCombi ovens and Quickchiller blast chillers make compliance easy because, with a simple touch of a button, operators can download data to a USB drive to be shared later.

With Alto-Shaam Combitherm combi ovens, a PROtouch control provides user communications and diagnostics, and all cooking activities are recorded for later download to the aforementioned USB drive.

With Quickchiller blast chillers, HACCP features automatically record and log critical information including time and date stamps, as well as the all-important temperature.

To discover more about HACCP and how solutions from Alto-Shaam can help make compliance easier for your school nutrition program, stop by our facilities to attend an upcoming Taste of Alto-Shaam event.

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