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The Benefits of Connectionless Steamers

Posted by Malcolm Cerri on Dec 14, 2017 10:11:34 AM

Groen Intek Connectionless Steamer

Of all the traditional cooking methods, steaming is the quickest and most efficient. It's also one of the healthiest ways to cook, but how easy is it to steam commercial food, and specifically, what are the benefits of cooking with connectionless steamers?

One of the biggest reasons to use a connectionless steamer is you don't need a water line or a drain to operate the unit. For older schools, restaurants, and foodservice operations, this means you can implement a steaming program without having water on your cook line.

Just fill the unit with three gallons of water at the beginning of the day. Fill it a second time if needed. And then use a convenient drain valve to get rid of excess water at the end of the shift or day. Connectionless steamers are also great for restaurants looking to expand their menu with healthier options.

The top ten benefits of connectionless steamers from Groen's Intek series.

1. No boiler or conventional generator. No traditional deliming, boiler maintenance, or harsh chemicals. Just reliable, powerful steam.

2. No water line. No water connections required at install, no solenoid valves to go bad or plug up. No drain connections required. Plug the unit in, and add water.

3. Cooks fast. Its high performance heating design combined with convection fan cooks 48lbs of frozen vegetables in only 17 minutes.

4. Uses less water than conventional steamers. Lowest water consumption in the industry. When you’re paying for the water and waste bills, that matters.

5. Uses 67% less energy than conventional steamers. ENERGY STAR® certified. The most energy efficient steamer on the market, lowering your utility bills, saving you money.

6. No traditional maintenance or deliming. Simply wipe out the chamber at the end of the day with 50/50 vinegar and water solution and you’re cleaning regimen is done. It’s that easy.

7. NSF holding unit. Doubles as a NSF approved holding cabinet to store pre-cooked product when upcoming demand requires it. Please note, only the electric unit can be used as a holding cabinet, as it has a temperature display. The gas fired unit does not have a display and, therefor, cannot be used for a holding cabinet.

8. No probes or floats. No floats to stick and no probes to clean, saving time and troublesome maintenance calls. (on electric units only)

9. Cooks evenly throughout the cooking chamber. Powerful inverted flow convection fan ensures even distribution of steam in the cooking compartment eliminating cold spots.

10. Solid state controls. No boards or electronics to go bad.

Another benefit of connectionless steamers are the utility company rebates available in California and Nevada. Depending on the model, these rebates can be from $750 to $2,500.

The rebates fluctuate depending on the utility provider. For example, one for the Bay Area may be different than a rebate in Sacramento or Nevada, but please feel free to contact Pro/Line for a rebate and equipment assessment.

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