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[K-12 Trend] School Breakfast Service in the Classroom: How to Serve Hot Food Outside the School Cafeteria

Posted by Malcolm Cerri on Jan 29, 2018 12:31:05 PM

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According to the Food Research & Action Center (NRAC), children and adolescents who eat breakfast are significantly less likely to be overweight, while skipping breakfast is associated with higher risks of obesity. By eating school breakfast service, students are also more likely to build healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

While it's certainly important to take the NRAC's information to heart - and let's be honest, these are things we all knew - the most important testimonials come from the teachers.

According to the American Federation of Teachers, school breakfast service is a key ingredient in school success. Students who eat breakfast perform better in academics and exhibit better classroom behaviors than those who don't. But when 73 percent of students arrive to their classrooms each morning without having eaten breakfast for one reason or another, there has to be a solution for changing this dynamic.

Providing breakfast in the classroom is one of the most logical options. Delivering school breakfast directly to the classroom increases school breakfast participation by up to 98 percent, giving students the chance to eat in the morning in preparation for a full day of learning.

There are challenges to delivering food in the classrooms, though. Food safety, food quality, and simple logistics can all pose problems for school nutrition professionals. But when these challenges are overcome, classroom breakfast service is more likely to happen.

Consider the ThermaCubeā„¢ from CookTek. ThermaCube is a food delivery system that controls temperature and humidity in an easy-to-deliver bag designed to hold food at ideal temperatures for up to 45 minutes. In reality, this is all a school cafeteria would need to deliver high-quality food to hungry students while maintaining all the important safety standards.

But talking about a food delivery system for classrooms isn't really enough. You should see it in action to see how it can impact your school's breakfast delivery options.

Watch this comprehensive ThermaCube video, and see how the components of this delivery system actually work.

Watch the CookTek ThermaCube Delivery System Video

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