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Revisiting the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven

Posted by Malcolm Cerri on Jan 17, 2019 8:31:40 AM

 Revisiting the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven

When the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven was unveiled at the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show where it won a Kitchen Innovation Award, the concept of the Vector was foreign to so many of us in foodservice.

What do you mean, you can cook four different types of food in the same oven at the same time without any cross contamination of odors and flavors?

The reality is it's certainly possible, and even better, you can operate an oven with these capabilities -- ventless.

Using an exclusive solution called Structured Air Technology™, air is directed at foods from both above and below the food products at a high velocity. This results in heat that is delivered faster and more efficiently than convection ovens. Even better, with Structured Air Technology, operators can open doors whenever needed, and the foods already in the chambers will continue to cook as instructed.

Alto-Shaam Structured Air Technology

As we detailed before, there are numerous benefits to the Vector oven. They allow operators to do more in a reduced space. Cooking is even without any cross contamination of aromas or flavors. Chefs can cook twice the food in the same amount of time, meaning there's less need to rotate pans. With intuitive controls, there's also no need to watch the clock.

As we head into the 2019 NAFEM Show, we invite you to check out the Vector Multi-Cook Oven when you're in the Alto-Shaam booth. In the meantime, here are a series of videos that help demonstrate the capabilities that come with the Vector.

Vector Multi-Cook Oven: A Whole Menu of Food in Minutes


Vector vs. Convection: 2x More Food & Superior Evenness

Vector versus convection_biscuit challeng_promotional video

Discover the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven in action right here in northern California or northern Nevada.

Attend a Taste of Alto-Shaam foodservice demonstration.

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