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How to Lower the Cost of Ownership and Select the Right Commercial Steamer

Posted by Malcolm Cerri on Jan 19, 2019 7:30:00 AM

How to Lower the Cost of Ownership and Select the Right Commercial Steamer

If you're using a boiler-based steamer in your commercial kitchen, you may be experiencing a cost of ownership problem.

First of all, there's water consumption. In conventional steamers, a boiler heats the water and sends steam to the cooking cavity. The excess steam is discarded through a drain at the bottom, which means the boiler needs to be constantly refilled with new fresh water. In addition, the discarded water is often too hot to enter the sewer system and will need to be cooled down with additional water. All this water use costs money.

The second problem is the buildup of limescale. De-liming is time- and labor-intensive and requires a lot of rubbing and scrubbing with harsh caustic chemicals. During this process, the boiler must be turned off, so for operators it will be important not to do it too often in order to reduce service disruption, but not too seldom to avoid deterioration of internal parts. The cleaning process takes time, which costs money.

There's a More Efficient Commercial Steamer Solution

Intek Connectionless SteamerIf you want to lower the cost of ownership of your steaming equipment, Groen’s Intek easy-to-use steamers will be a much better option. Instead of a boiler, Intek connectionless steamers use a simple bottom compartment filled with water. A convention fan ensures the food is cooked evenly, while any excess steam returns to the bottom compartment, ready for another cycle.

This seamless circle avoids the double water waste of boiler-based steamers and requires less energy to reutilize hot water. As a result of this higher efficiency, Intek models need less than 1.5 gallons per hour and 67% less energy than boiler-based steamers to operate.

The other advantage is much easier maintenance. With a fully accessible water compartment instead of a boiler, limescale won’t build up nearly as quickly as in conventional steamers. Wiping the internal cavity with a vinegar-water solution will be enough to keep the steamer in pristine conditions, with no need for scheduled de-liming.

Groen Intek Connectionless Steamers: Lower Costs, Higher Standards

In a commercial kitchen, even a simple process like steaming food may be surprisingly high-maintenance. Groen’s Intek line will be the ideal solution for affordable commercial steamers in northern California and northern Nevada. All models come with an ENERGY STAR-certification and a five-year warranty on internal cavities. They guarantee the same high-quality standards with less resources and time, and it won't be long before you feel the positive impact on your energy and water bills.

Discover the full range of benefits behind Groen's Intek Connectionless Steamers. Let Pro Reps West walk you through the ways to lower cost of ownership with your commercial steaming equipment.

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