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Groen Expanding Electronic Controls to Cooker Mixers

Posted by Malcolm Cerri on Feb 27, 2019 1:08:40 PM

Groen Expanding Electronic Controls to Cooker Mixers

With ease-of-use and staff turnover in mind, more and more foodservice equipment manufacturers are looking to make their units as simple to operate as possible. Electronic controls from Groen certainly fit into this category.

Groen recently began production on their new electronic controls for cooker mixers, which closely resemble the value-adding controls they made available in their kettles and braising pans over the last few years.

Get a refresher on what these controls did for Groen kettles and braising pans.



Groen Cooker Mixer Model Numbers

Now these controls are specifically designed for Groen cooker mixers, allowing operators to enjoy more precise and accurate functionality in applications requiring more mixing during the cooking or dispensing process. This provides an improved and more consistent kitchen equipment solution for batch-to-batch commercial food prep.

In order to ensure consistency, Groen also updated their model numbers to reflect the new control options. As for their kettles and braising pans, and added "C" represents classic controls while an "A" stands for "advanced control."

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